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Coldingham Church - its stark 19th century wall rises above part of the ruins of the great medieval Priory.

Timeline of the History of Coldingham Priory

1098AD Edgar, King of Scots, issued founding charter
1100AD Edgar dedicated Church at Coldingham to St Mary
1150AD Church had become a Priory
1200AD Monks included notable scholars; text "Life of Ebba" produced
1216AD Building of new Church started by Prior Thomas de Melsonby
1250AD How life was in Coldinghamshire
1286AD The Prior exported wool to Florence; large ground rents were collected by the Priory
1300AD Building of Church, its extensions, and other buildings completed
1371AD Priory records show the effect of the Black Death.
1410AD Prior John Aklyff; the 'last great Prior of Coldingham'.
1420AD Reivers barricaded in Church
1442AD The Homes started to assume authority
1472AD James III had a chapel built
1518AD Murder of Prior Robert Blackadder
1560AD Scottish Reformation and a break in monasticism in Scotland
Some important post-priory dates relevant to the Church buildings
1670AD Repairs completed after Cromwell's bombardment
1789AD Buildings sketched by Grose
1855AD Renovation

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